Teamwork Makes the Dream Work with Emanuel Jörgner and Maximilian Strobl

Here at CAST, we look for new talent and people who use our products with imagination and passion. Although it is hard to catch all the projects being made online, some are truly special. These projects catch our eye, as well as the eyes of the entire industry. Last week we had one of those times.

The SGM New Talents Award 2018 gives young and less experienced lighting designers the opportunity to have their work evaluated by a top-class jury. For consideration, young designers must register, send a visualization or video of three to five minutes, include an equipment list and a short biography.

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SGM Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of SGM Light A/S, Denmark, was founded in 2013 and today, it is one of the most successful providers of professional lighting technology in Germany and Austria. SGM luminaires are used all over the world, from stage lighting to TV studios, exhibition stands to the illumination of bridges or skyscrapers.

Last week, Emanuel Jörgner and Maximilian Strobl posted a video of their submission for the SGM New Talents Award 2018. Although their project was not chosen as one of the winning designs for The SGM New Talents Award 2018, we think it is incredible. We contacted Emanuel and Maximilian to know more about how the concept developed and how they saw the project through, from start to finish.


What inspired you to create this project for SGM New Talents Award 2018?

We saw the SGM New Talents Award as a good chance for presenting our design skills to a designated jury.

Additionally, a few months ago we planned to do a project together. Another reason for the kick-off of this project was that we could show our way of design to the whole community of lighting-designers.


Who was the brainchild of this project? Did you brainstorm together?

The main part of brainstorming was done together, but each of us had our own tasks.

Emanuel did the programming and CAD drawing, while Maximilian selected and prepared the music files and brought the idea of the 360 degree stage.

All aspects of the lighting/stage/show design were done together to get the best result.


How did you begin?

The first step was selecting a unique music track.

To get the best result for this sort of concert, we thought that the whole design should fit with the theme of this specific genre. That’s why we decided to choose an amphitheater for our location and combine it with a Roman pillar in the middle.


Which Software did you use?

The location is drawn in SketchUp, later we imported it to wysiwyg R40. With Reaper we prepared the audio file for the show and triggered the timecode for our grandma 2 light console. In the end, after programming we recorded our show with BlackMagic equipment.


What made you choose wysiwyg?

We decided to use wysiwyg because of the best optical output in shaded view.

The requirements for the visualization software for the SGM New Talents Award were to get realistic results, because the project will never become realty and stays virtual.

We chose wysiwyg so we could use more parameters than our console allows because of the wysiwyg-Grand MA driver.


How long have you been using wysiwyg?

Emanuel has been using it for almost two years.

In Maximilian’s case, this is his first design with wysiwyg.


Any complications to overcome in creating your submission?

The complexity of our drawing was yielding lower than expected performance, so we made some edits to the drawing.  We lowered the complexity of the drawing by simplifying the audience and some other parts. This helped increase FPS.

We also had some complications recording the show. Initially we wanted to capture it via a video capture card, as we realized that there were some frame-drops. Finally, we decided to record it with some gear from BlackMagic (Hyperdeck Studio).

And lest we forget the day we had problems with our beer supply…


What is the hardest part creating your project for the SGM New Talents Award 2018?

The most challenging part was to be creative over a long period of time, while building up a static dramaturgy over the whole show. We also had to deal with tasks which are not common for lighting designers, like camera tracking and video editing.


What is the most enjoyable thing about this project?

The first time we got to watch the completed project from start to finish was truly one of the most enjoyable parts.

But too, the positive feedback from the whole community and the attention from famous lighting designers was stunning.

Although we weren’t involved as designers in such a project with this dimension, we are happy to see that the output of the design process worked fantastic.


What made it special?

In our opinion, the most unusual thing about the design was the orchestra arrangement. The most interesting part about the SGM New Talents Award was that there weren’t any instructions regarding requirements or rules for the light show.

This gave us the chance to design a show especially for one track with complete creative freedom.


Do you have advice for anyone working in lighting and design now?

Work on your ideas, combine creative aspects from different departments like video, laser, special FX. Furthermore, get to know colleagues who have been in the business for a long time and exchange ideas with them. Accept mentoring.

Additionally, visit seminars, event technology trade shows and conferences, and watch tutorials. There is a bunch of free online learning material to take advantage of.


What is one motivational quote that keeps you going when obstacles arise?

Learn from your problems and keep trying and think of the people you can impress with your creativity.


What is your greatest accomplishment as designers so far?

Emanuel: Chippendale’s East Europe Tour 2017 (lighting design, programming, operating)

Maximilian: This project


What was the result or feedback of your submission for SGM New Talents Award 2018?

Although we didn’t make it into the finals, we got excellent feedback from designers all over the world. Even famous blogs and manufacturers from the lighting industry gave us the chance to present our project.