The anticipated 64-bit wysiwyg R43 release has arrived!
Amber Long October 8, 2019

CAST Software is extremely excited to announce wysiwyg as a long-awaited 64-bit application, now available on the CAST Members Area for download. Converting the wysiwyg application to a 64-bit architecture was no small feat. This required extra time, and it’s a huge achievement for CAST Software to offer wysiwyg in this format.

In January 2019, the wysiwyg development team evaluated the status of this project, specifically the percentage of wysiwyg modules converted to 64-bit versus what was outstanding. It was quickly determined that it was time to commit 100% to complete the 64-bit architecture for R43.

Fast forward to this summer, CAST Software shared two beta builds of R43 with their beta-testing team, Beta1 in July and Beta2 in August, and together with an experienced QA team, the experienced Beta testers helped CAST validate the entire software in the new 64-bit architecture. The results were positive, but this effort identified some issues related to the new architecture, and together the development team worked on resolving them. It took a bit longer than initially expected, but the finish line was finally reached, and the completely converted wysiwyg R43 software in 64-bit is now available for wysiwyg users.

With this architecture update, stability and performance increase can be noticed across all modes, CAD, DATA, DESIGN, PRES, LIVE, with more responsiveness and less delays when switching modes and tabs. This update removes the limitations that are associated with a 32-bit software, specifically the amount of memory available to the application.  wysiwyg can now utilize more than 4GB of memory to open files.

Imagine how excited users are at the news of R43!

Here are just a few quotes, hot off social media sites, from our users:

Jason Gardash – “I have to say as one of the few lucky alpha / beta testers over the past 5 maybe 6 months now, with such a major undertaking to 64-bit while still adding new features (custom tabs and shaded view output features), this was a smooth and almost unseen transition. The 64-bit capabilities are noticeable, but it still feels like wysiwyg. The move from R42 to R43 was seamless. The whole crew did a superb job. We may have waited a little while for the 64-bit, but they built a rock-solid upgrade.”

Chris Merriman – “So, just downloaded it, and went through a few things that have ALWAYS seemed to cause huge hangs and processor spikes. (Rotating EVERYTHING in the drawing 90 or 180°, switching in and out of iso views, switching to presentation view, working in presentation layouts). I’m impressed so far, everything seemed to be so snappy. The rotation I did in this drawing last week was almost immediate vs taking a minute to actually execute. Well done team.”

From CAST’s VP of Product, Dino Mazza – “wysiwyg R43 in x64! This is a special release for CAST! I’m proud of the entire wysiwyg development team for getting us here, identifying the challenges along the way and finding the easy, and sometimes difficult solutions, and continuing to plug away at this project until its completion.

R43 delivers our wysiwyg in a 64-bit architecture, and along with the increased responsiveness and improved user experience, which we know the users will LOVE.  But, also included are some new features too! I know there are some happy faces around CAST, and I’m suspecting the same is true amongst the wysiwyg R43 users out there as well!”

The saying goes, “The best things in life are worth waiting for.” This time it’s, “The best things in light are worth waiting for.” Be sure to check out the CAST Software website for a list of what’s new with the 64-bit version of wysiwyg as well as information on how to streamline your workflow. Sign up for the free webinar with Dino Mazza on Oct 23 for an official introduction and guide through the new features in R43.

CAST Software looks forward to seeing all the beautiful renders and projects you do with this new version of wysiwyg, R43. Thank you for inviting CAST Software to be an integral part of your work and may wysiwyg continue to inspire your ideas and productions in a next level way.

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