BlackTrax update 1.8.8 released
CAST Software October 5, 2015

BlackTrax 1.8.8 is now live. This release of BlackTrax includes newly updated BlackTrax, Motive, and most importantly a new BTWyg software that has finally caught up to the latest wysiwyg release.

Some of the highlights of this new release

BTWyg R35

Lots of updates here, including a new BlackTrax menu for all the tools that we use frequently.  Frames are renamed to Trackables.  Set User Origin now works for BTWyg so we can easily move the drawing origin around without having to move the whole drawing, with this release we also get all the features since R33.

Soft Bodies

A pre-release of a v2 feature, soft bodies now work in their XML state. This is the ability to have multiple LEDs contributing to a single centroid. We are no longer locked to 3 LEDs and 1 beacon for lighting tracking, which gives us a lot more flexibly.

Motive is out of Beta

We can finally drop the Beta tag for Motive and run an official version. One big  change in Motive for BlackTrax users, is that we added our custom layouts into Motive with our BT installer, so that the user doesn’t have to dig through as many menus to find what they are looking for. This is the first step in making Motive easier to use.

Outlier Filter

We have opened up the parameters for the outlier filter for finer control over how the data is processed. This allows the spin jumps from D20 to get through without being blocked. This is the first step as we continue working on improvements to the filter itself, which we aim to release in 1.8.9.

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