You can only install wysiwyg or Vivien on an NTFS-formatted hard drive (not on a FAT32-formatted hard drive).

Since wysiwyg or Vivien can only be installed on an NTFS-formatted hard drive, it is a good idea to check your hard drive formation before you install the software. Among other restrictions, FAT32 can only support a limited number of files in a directory; therefore, you require an NTFS-formatted drive (which does not have this limitation) to install the application.

Follow the steps below to check your hard drive formation:

  1. Click Start > My Computer.
  2. Right-click on the hard drive on which you want to install wysiwyg or Vivien (for example, the C: drive), and select Properties.
  3. If the File system (see the red outline in the screenshot) says NTFS, then you can proceed with the wysiwyg or Vivien installation.If, however, it says FAT32, then you must convert your hard drive to NTFS before you can install the software.

Please make sure you back up your files/hard drive before you convert to avoid potential data loss.

Note: You do not have to reformat your hard drive; instead, you need only convert your file system by choosing Microsoft’s Convert.exe option. For information on this utility, consult the Microsoft website for conversion instructions.