New VR Features

What’s new in wysiwyg VR

Shaded View Options – Smoke Effects, Reflection and Enhanced/Volumetric Beams are now available by toggling under View Options in the VR Menu.

Fixture Tooltips – Point to any fixture for on-screen details about the model, position and patch.

Gestures – For easier navigation, it is now possible to use simply the right-hand controller, and use Gestures to move up and down or turn left and right.

Mini Map – Re-orientate yourself in big, busy files by navigating with the Mini Map. The Mini Map is turned on and off from the right-hand controller when needed. It gives you a high-level view of the entire drawing, and identifies fixtures and camera positions in the 3D space as well.

Teleport to Camera Models – Using your VR controller, point to any camera model and click to teleport to the selected camera’s POV.

VR Companion Mode – For client presentations, the new wysiwyg VR Companion Mode allows you to access the VR Menu directly inside wysiwyg on your PC and control some VR features on behalf of the person experiencing it. It is possible to change Cameras, Looks, Scenes and the Camera Path, along with other VR environment settings. This allows the VR User to gain the full experience without concerns of controlling all the settings themselves.