64-bit Architecture

wysiwyg is converted to a 64-bit architecture as part of Release 43. This means it now installs in C:\Program Files\CAST Software\WYSIWYG Release 43 by default.

This update removes the limitations that are associated with a 32-bit software, specifically the amount of memory available to the application.  wysiwyg can now utilize more than 4GB of memory to open files.  As result, stability and performance increase can be noticed across all modes, CAD, DATA, DESIGN, PRES, LIVE, with more responsiveness and less delays when switching modes and tabs.

The video memory resources for wysiwyg are also expanded.

If you have a high-end video card, you can create and previz bigger files with a similar FPS, as you would with smaller files. This does not mean faster FPS. In R43, it will take much larger files to start hitting your hardware resource limits.

Always striving for better performance, we are continuing to look for optimizations specific for Shaded View to better utilize the new memory architecture. Some optimization may be finished and available in R44.

As a result of this architecture changes, wysiwyg can no longer render static renderings from the Render Wizard within the software. It is still possible to send the rendering job to the Background Rendering Manager, which remains a separate 32-bit application.