Paulinho Lebrão uses wysiwyg for The Voice Dominican

The Voice Dominican is being aired for the first time ever in the Dominican Republic and is being run from the largest studio in the country by Procapital Films and RAM Productions. Paulinho Lebrão, a Brazilian designer, has recently had the opportunity to work on this very special project. Working for BM Eventos, the Lighting, Video and Sound Supplier of the Voice Dominican, Paulinho fills us in about the specs and tech needed to make this show unique and a bit more about his involvement in the project.

Before getting into show specs, let’s find out more about the designer.

Paulinho Lebrão was born into the world of entertainment, with his mother being a designer, inspiring him from an early age. With 24 years lighting experience, Paulinho is the owner of FOH Lighting Control, established in 2009, specializing as a light programmer and operator and including lighting design over the last few years. In his work, Paulinho has been using wysiwyg since 2016 and is an avid supporter.

As with everyone in the industry, struggling through the pandemic, Paulinho has been no different, taking this time to focus on his family and expand his skills and repertoire of abilities. Rather than think of it as a negative, Paulinho used the time to evolve into a more forward-ready person, for when our industry kicks back into gear, which he seems optimistic is happening, considering the work coming in.


Enter the Voice Dominican, one of Paulinho’s latest big projects, mid-to-post pandemic.

For such a large franchised production, there are rules and branding to follow. Each week the crew works on set, surmounting any obstacles and producing a broadcast-worthy show. Currently, in the writing of this article, the finals were being shot. New ideas are constantly being created between shows and on set, to keep things fresh and eye-catching. Procapital Films and RAM Productions are very happy with the results from Paulinho and the crew.


wysiwyg is used on all aspects of this show as an important tool, because the show is programmed virtually, even before rehearsals start. So, all the details and the process need to be very reliable and wysiwyg delivers exactly that.

There is not one specific feature used by Paulinho, but rather he uses wysiwyg in its entirety from designing, pre-programming to running everything live for the show.


This means:

Show Lighting
Photography Lighting
Set Lighting
Video Screens (Via 2 NDI Inputs)
Video DMX Mapping (60 DMX Inputs from the media server)
Coach Chair Rotation

The show has a total of 84 Universes running (including Lighting and Video Mapping).

Gear List:


02 grandMA3 Full Size
02 PU XL
01 grandMA3 4-Node
01 Avolites AI Media Server
38 Clay Paky B-Eye K20
24 Clay Paky Mythos 2
30 Clay Paky Show Batten
20 Clay Paky Stormy CC
60 Clay Paky GlowUP CC
133 Robe Robin 150
20 Chauvet Epix Bar
40 Chauvet Epix Strip IP
12 Chauvet Nexus 4×1
04 Martin Mac Aura

Crew Credits:



Paulinho Lebrão – Lighting Design
Nicholas Rafael – Lighting Design Assistant and Wysiwyg Designer
Andre Batista – Director of Photographic
Omar Marti – Set Designer
Alberto Zayas – Show Director
Ramon Rodriguez Maxwell – Executive Producer
Ariel Nina – Executive Producer
Darius Alfred – Executive Producer
Angie Rodriguez – General Production
Henry Jimenez – Musical Director




If you are interested in seeing what The Voice Dominican production looks like, you can see the videos from aired shows on YouTube here: The Voice Dominicana – YouTube. In these videos, you will see the work Paulinho and the entire crew put in and how they succeeded to maintain the show’s distinct branding, yet bring in their own spice and creative ideas.

We thank Paulinho for taking the time to share all these details, giving us a behind the scenes look at The Voice Dominican and we also thank him for being a huge wysiwyg supporter over all these years. It’s one thing to make a product but another to find users that can take it next level with their designs and shine the spotlight on it.



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