MEPTIK uses technology like BlackTrax to communicate in an artful and unique way

Atlanta-based MEPTIK is a creative agency specialized in custom design for live environments. The name started as an inside joke, combining “mep” and “triptych”. MEPTIK’s co-founders are Nick Rivero and Sarah Linebaugh. Both come from live event backgrounds and eventually came together with the common goal of pushing creativity and technology in the live event world.

MEPTIK has evolved from a start-up to a creative agency that sees a project all the way from ideation to completion. The size of the team fluctuates based on project needs. MEPTIK’s projects push into augmented and extended reality and technology and exploring how to incorporate that in new and interesting ways. This passionate company is unafraid to take inspiration from ordinary things and use it in unique ways.

MEPTIK discovered BlackTrax in the year 2015, realizing it as the only tracking solution for them, specifically for tracking projection. The relationship was solidified by the meeting of like-minded individuals, Andrew Gordon and Nick Rivero. Andrew asked Nick to go to Japan and showcase some AR elements at a tradeshow, and after a successful exhibition, invited him to go to Prolight and Sound 2019 show. The rest you could say, is history.

To create both demos, BlackTrax provided a mood board and general idea, the goal was to design an artistic performance that would rely almost entirely on tracking and automation, and MEPTIK took that and ran with it. It depends on the client, but MEPTIK enjoys seeing a project from ideation to completion and that is exactly what they have done with our exhibitions at both Prolight and more recently LDI. The results are eye-catching and could almost be called astounding.

Here are three of the BlackTrax demos that MEPTIK created the visuals for:

BlackTrax at Prolight + Sound 2019 – Technical Description and Performance


BlackTrax at LDI 2019 – Technical Description and Performance


MEPTIK and BlackTrax worked hand in hand again for ISE2020.

Here is the video from this tradeshow, our third project together.

Another recent project was the creation of a music video for singer, Fleurie. For the Fleurie music video, MEPTIK created real-time, interactive imagery directly in-camera, ditching the green screen production process altogether. MEPTIK used BlackTrax to track Fleurie’s position and link the digital camera to the physical camera. The BlackTrax system was generously offered to them by Kyle Means, President of Visional Productions for this project.

“We’re able to integrate performers and props into the scenery in a completely dynamic way. There’s no pretending anymore. You’re creating an environment, and the performer and the audience have an effect on that.” – Nick Rivero, MEPTIK Co-Founder

Take a moment to enjoy the eye and ear candy that is this beautiful video:

Fleurie – A World Beyond (Official Video) 


MEPTIK enjoys doing a variety of different projects. Their passion, above all else, is combining creativity and technology, so whenever given the chance to do that in a different way, they get excited. One look at any of the photos or videos of MEPTIK’s work with BlackTrax alone over the last year is impressive.

Our team has worked side-by-side with members of the MEPTIK team and Nick Rivero, who is not only a co-founder but also a hands-on contributor to the team’s success. They are a pleasure to have on site and add talent, expertise, and good humour. The MEPTIK team works hard to help see their clients through, from start to finish, and we here at CAST Group like to work that way too. We look forward to seeing what else MEPTIK has in store to decorate the digital landscape we all work in.

Check out MEPTIK’s virtual page online here:


  • This piece was written and compiled in collaboration with MEPTIK before the COVID 19 pandemic. Out of respect for our industry, we held off on publishing any articles and interviews during this time. We hope that you have all remained safe during this time and we extend our warmest thoughts as we each adjust individually and as a collective to these global changes.