wysiwyg Hall of Fame: How to submit your work

The Hall of Fame has existed since the earliest versions of wysiwyg; images and renderings are selected among those shared with CAST from users and from what we gather through marketing, articles and social media. It’s always been a very simple process that’s now grown into a type of milestone that some lighting designers aim for.

The final selections are ultimately chosen by the Product Managers among customers with a lease or membership in good standing. As user projects can vary from simple to highly complex setups, we aim to show different types of setups: from basic theater to art installations, to huge stages and arenas. The only criterion here is that the image or rendering is beautiful, traditional or different. We like to share unique examples and we keep our eyes on all types of projects.

Since the use of the label “Hall of Fame”, CAST has made it easier for everyone to submit their renderings, as not everyone gets a chance to have their work featured in our articles and social media. Now, anyone can send in their work by email.

The fact is, we are looking for interesting and well-done work. It’s not about designing something that may or may not be part of the Hall of Fame, it is about being consistent, creative and using the tools we manufacture to produce your own kind of magic. Tagging us on social media, consistently sending in projects and communicating with us is another great step to being noticed.

Additionally, in case you were wondering, it’s a complete surprise for wysiwyg users to find out they have been included in the Hall of Fame. No one knows before the release that their work has been selected. This way we build anticipation for new releases and encourage users to keep showing us their work, because in the end, it’s the icing on the cake for us as a company.

If you are looking to submit renders for consideration, please email: marketing@cast-soft.com

For reposts on social media, just tag our profiles. Use the following hashtags: #wyglighting #wysiwyglighting #wyg. We always have our eyes open.

We encourage community and creativity across the world and by doing this, we remain consistently inspired by our users.