CAST Group at ISE 2020: The Recap

Toronto, ON. CANADA, March 3, 2020 – At ISE 2020 in Amsterdam last month, the CAST team welcomed visitors from the global AV community to show them the latest in wysiwyg, BlackTrax and CONVRG, our camera automation ecosystem powered by BlackTrax.

The most notable part of CAST Group’s visit to ISE was the public unveil of our new camera-tracking beacon, HELIOS. Folded into a single ecosystem with BlackTrax and CONVRG, HELIOS enables XR and AR in all environments for the broadcast, cinematic and touring industries. This effectively removes the need for multiple tracking systems when gathering positional data from several sources. With the introduction of HELIOS, the CONVRG ecosystem can now merge real and virtual worlds, taking BlackTrax another step further into the automated future.

In addition to the unveil of HELIOS, CAST Group put on daily demos including performances by dancer Trynity Marchant, which showcased the power of BlackTrax in keeping up with agile movements as she moved from corner to corner of the stage. This performance demonstrated the application of zones, particle generation, and more. Once again, CAST Group worked with MEPTIK who created the eye-catching content for this segment.


This live performance was followed by a technical explanation of BlackTrax’s tools and capabilities within specific integrations including lighting, spatial audio, interactive media, virtual lighting, and broadcast applications. Many thanks to our integration partners at Luminex, Adamson Systems, SPAT Revolution, disguise, Notch, Panasonic, MalfMedia and White Light for their support at this year’s ISE demo. Visit our ISE Recap page for a full description of our integrated technologies.

A highlight of this year’s demo was our broadcast applications, powered by BlackTrax’s CONVRG and White Light’s SmartStage. SmartStage is an immersive video environment that replaces the traditional green screen element of a virtual studio, allowing presenters and audience members to see and directly interact with the content around them.

Thanks to the SmartStage, our hosts were transported instantaneously to numerous environments, including the CONVRG studio for the unveil of HELIOS, the weather virtual studio and the Oscars in LA with augmented reality enabled by our Mini Beacon, and finally to New York, where we demonstrated how positional data makes interactivity between the real and virtual worlds possible. MalfMedia was our partner for content creation in this.

With talent-tracking by BlackTrax, Panasonic’s 8K ROI was featured to enable real-time image cropping, while the UE150 PTZs were used to incorporate live augmented reality and virtual objects into the production. A big thank you to our camera operator Francesca Bardaro and her videography team for all their help.

Besides our demos at this year’s ISE, visitors to the CAST booth were also given a hands-on experience with BlackTrax playing an interactive game created by Falcons Creative Group. Equipped with BlackTrax-fitted swords, gamers found themselves immersed on a pirate quest to seek red jewels from skeleton defenders on different islands.

On behalf of the CAST team, we would like to thank all our partners and visitors for your support in putting together a very successful show. Track you soon!

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