AMBION GmbH Explores Innovative Event Technologies with BlackTrax

Over 250 guests were in attendance throughout the entire nine-day AMBION Digital Jungle Open House event. Those in attendance enjoyed an hour-long sensory journey of entertaining, inspiring and unique, innovative installations focused on tracking, immersive interactivity, sensor technology, dynamic real-time control and reactive, generative content using BlackTrax, disguise and Notch.

Photo: Ralph Baiker

Based throughout Germany, AMBION is a full-service provider that thinks, plans and produces technology for concerts, sports events, trade shows and congress. Creative, experienced, and detail-oriented, the company works on a large scale, everywhere in the world.

Most recently, AMBION held Open House days where they invited selected clients, partners, innovation agencies and event planners to attend. Aptly named, Digital Jungle, the demonstrations focused on technology and its application in a live event scenario.





AMBION inspires and creates with their own equipment, their own solutions and a team of excellent employees in Kassel, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt with over 230 employees. Specialists like engineers, technicians, designers, programmers, project managers, together they build creative solutions for their clients.

AMBION is focused on new technologies and state-of-the-art products. This is how they came to start using BlackTrax Real-Time Tracking. With their new experience design department called OBJ.Studio, we had to learn more about what they were doing.

OBJ.Studio the AMBION Design Department is quite new. The studio has been trying some interesting light and media tech projects in Berlin. The last one was a smart installation with curved LEDs. It was a collaboration with another design studio and 22 digital artists from all over the world.

”AMBION has a BlackTrax Lab. Here employees from different departments come together and experimenting with the system. So, we build knowledge together and find creative new ways and solutions for clients and upcoming projects. “- JO RYCHLIK, Creative Director & Head of OBJ.Studio Berlin

AMBION received their training directly from CAST Software at their headquarters in Kaufungen, Germany. They purchased their own system as well, going along with their brand of owning their own equipment to have ownership over their projects.

We asked how the system has been to work with, whether it has been easy and straight-forward of complicated.

“It’s a high-end system, and brand-new technology, so it’s a bit complicated. The training was absolutely necessary. CAST showed us how it works. And after that, we could start easily with our initial ideas… That was interesting and fun. We were very well informed about what the system does. “- HARTMUT ESSFELD, Head of Media Technology at AMBION

It’s wonderful to hear that the training provided by CAST Group of Companies helped propel AMBION farther into the, not only German, but international market. We are excited to bring this training to other parts of the globe too, to other interested companies looking to expand their knowledge and services like AMBION has. For more information, you can check our Training page.

The plans for AMBION’s BlackTrax system are exponentially growing as the team realizes all that BlackTrax can do, for their business, and their clients.

” BlackTrax opens the doors for new creative ways. You can tell a story in a more interactive, more surprising way. It can be a visual and interactive firework but it’s also possible to tell smart stories. Be part of it of the production with the right, precise automation. “- – HARTMUT ESSFELD, Head of Media Technology at AMBION


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German-based company AMBION is an international event technology service provider. Since 1991, AMBION has developed a reputation for creating outstanding solutions With their own staff, equipment and specialized product lines for companies, products, sports, art, culture, trade fairs, conferences and congresses.

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