NAB Interview with Harry Patel from Panasonic Pro Video SMART Studio
Amber Long August 26, 2019

With our most recent visit to BIRTV Beijing at the Panasonic booth, it seems fitting for a little flashback to the NAB Show where we had a short interview with Harry Patel, Engineering Manager at Panasonic Pro Video from Panasonic Corporation about their products and BlackTrax Real-Time Tracking integration.

At NAB 2019, the Panasonic Smart Studio featured BlackTrax technology. Panasonic Engineering Manager Harry Patel talks to us about the new 8K ROI and AW-UE150 PTZs, and the role BlackTrax plays in creating an automated studio.

Inside a crowded Panasonic booth, BlackTrax representatives facilitated visitors’ curiosities by explaining the inner workings of this automated studio, of which tracking played a central role. For the sake of redundancy, 12 BlackTrax Sensors were set up around the perimeter to keep a constant eye on the talents, all three of whom were equipped with one Beacon connected to two Stringers (tracking points) each.

For more information about this demo and our work with Panasonic Pro Video, here is our press release from NAB:

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