The Ivete Sangalo Experience puts wysiwyg in the Spotlight

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of her hugely successful career, and to give fans a memorable experience, Ivete Sangalo threw a massive show at the Allianz Park Stadium in Sao Paulo. The event name was “Ivete Sangalo Experience”, performance date was December 8, 2018 at Alianz Park Sao Paulo, Brazil and about 45 thousand people attended the show.

Who is Ivete Sangalo? 


Ivete Maria Dias de Sangalo Cady is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and occasional actress and television show host. She is one of the most popular and best-selling Brazilian female singers, with six albums released with Banda Eva, and seven more albums in a solo career. Sangalo is most often recognized by her powerful voice, charisma and live performances. Her music is also very popular in Portugal. She has sold 15 million copies of her albums.

We had a chance to sit down and talk to Paulo Lebrão about this show and all it took to produce it, creatively and technically. He shares his recipe with us on how to put together a show for an audience of about 45 thousand people. Before going further, it’s best to pay respect to all the key players in the production. Teamwork makes the dream work and when you have such a massive audience, there is no room for error.

Crew Involved

Each player must be on point, and only the best players are invited.

  • Director – Gringo Cardia
  • Video Director – Joana Mazzucchelli
  • Lighting Designer – Paulo Lebrão and Guillermo Herrero
  • LD Assistant – Drika Matheus and Nicholas Rafael
  • Operator – Laudecir Silveira
  • Laser Programmer and Operator – Mauricio Gonçalves
  • Lighting Company – LPL Lighting Production
  • Laser Company – Laser Lights and Kvant
  • Video Company – LED Com

Extensive Gear List

This show used a lot of gear. For the size of the venue and event itself, nothing was spared in this production to be sure the show had the most impact possible and the dream was realized.

Initially, when Gringo Cardia presented the project, the mission was to make a lighting project that could show all the details of scenography on a grand scale. Another request was to transform the stage during the show, going through Carnival, Electronic, Latin and romantic music scenes. To go through all these integral moments, several different resources were used, such as light, lasers and LED bracelets, distributed to the public, controlled from the console.

Here is the comprehensive list, for the gear-heads out there:

  • 02 grandMA2 Full
  • 01 grandMA2 Light
  • 04 NPU
  • 200 Martin Rush MH3
  • 116 Martin Aura XB
  • 66 Martin Atomic LED
  • 20 Martin Viper DX
  • 68 Robe BMFL Wash Beam
  • 56 Robe Spiider
  • 04 Robe Robo Spot
  • 180 SGM P5
  • 142 ParLED RGBW
  • 08 MDG Atmosphere H.O
  • 08 Laser Kvant Spectrum 30w
  • 04 Laser Kvant ClubMax 6w
  • 04 Robert Juliat Lancelot
  • 01 wysiwyg Perform R41 for pre-programming

wysiwyg in action!

Ivete Sangalo
Ivete Sangalo – foto/photo:

wysiwyg was used by the crew to pre-program the giant show, knowing they had no time to program on location. You can imagine, three days load-in, two days for rehearsals and then it was showtime! The crew had one night using working equipment to make needed adjustments and try to do a quick run through of the show to be sure all was ready, and perfected.

wysiwyg R41 ran the lights, lasers and videos. All information given beforehand was input into the software. The stadium, musicians, every bit of info was input, to give the most realistic view within the virtual world. The show translated from virtual to reality seamlessly, with a few minor positional adjustments. Impressive!

Paulo Lebrao is the first to admit that the most valuable advantage to using wysiwyg in this show was the way everything could be seen and previsualized beforehand and that the show could be ready before show day and this gave the crew confidence.


Ivete Sangalo

It brought great pride to see the time we spent configuring and detailing wysiwyg was worth it, and when we arrived at the show, our pre-programming literally left directly from the software and into the real world, working as we’d seen in the virtual world.” – Paulo Lebrão

It’s obvious this is a highlight moment in anyone’s career. Ivete for her 25-year anniversary and the team for pulling off such a grand event.

A commemorative DVD, under the direction of Joana Mazzucchelli is being created. Almost four hours long, the “Ivete Live Experience” also showcased several special guests such as: Claudia Leitte, Léo Santana, Marília Mendonça, Ferrugem and Alejandro Sanz.

Look forward to seeing the DVD!


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