BlackTrax and L-Acoustics Master Immersive Audio Experience at LDI
CAST Software November 15, 2018


BlackTrax and L-Acoustics go next level in immersive audio with precise virtual placement of audio in a three-dimensional space.


This year, BlackTrax joined forces with L-Acoustics, using their L-ISA system at Prolight and Sound 2018 in Germany, and now at the LDI Conference and Tradeshow in the USA, to create a fully immersive 3D audio experience. BlackTrax real-time tracking was used to track specific aural components in the sonic soundscape of the performance at the award-winning CAST Software booth and the result was a realistic and immersive sound experience, allowing audience members to feel as if they were right in the middle of the action.

This first-time feat was accomplished by having custom music made for the L-Acoustics L-ISA system, including over 50 audio stems. The stems were then grouped and sent to the L-Acoustics studio for their professionals to master. Certain elemental sounds in the song were chosen to be tracked and these were isolated.


The entertainment industry is always experiencing tremendous transformations. New technologies are often at the forefront of these transformations. With a wealth of options to create bigger and better projects, tracked, immersive audio is taking hold, offering an unprecedented listening experience, bringing your productions to a higher caliber.” Scott Sugden, L-Acoustics Product Manager, USA & Canada


BlackTrax reliably tracks the position, movement and rotation of the audio source, be it an object or human, and sends this positional data to immersive audio systems that will use it to precisely position the audio to its source within a 3D space. This allows a much better fusion between what is seen and what is heard. Real-time tracking can also help automate productions by triggering audio cues simply based on the source’s tracked position and rotation.

During the performance, the performer wore beacons on her shoulders for location and rotation tracking and mini-beacons on her wrists for interaction. While dancing, she interacted with live generated graphics by NOTCH VFX via disguise media server, lighting powered by Luminex, 3D immersive audio by L-Acoustics all while being tracked by PTZ broadcast cameras by Panasonic. Sheer listener enjoyment and complete audience immersion was the objective of the technical team, aiming to bring, specifically, the delivery of sound to a new dimension.


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