LDI 2018 Panel Session: Shattering The Fourth Wall Through Tracking in Three Dimensions
CAST Software October 4, 2018
Peter Thompson – Cirque du Soleil, Technical Manager-Lighting

Not to be missed, the Cirque du Soleil will be hosting a free-to-attend panel session at the LDI 2018 trade show, Room N264 on Thursday, 18 October 2018 focusing on Shattering The Fourth Wall Through Tracking in Three Dimensions.

The discussion will be chaired and moderated by Peter Thompson of Cirque du Soleil, Technical Manager-Lighting, Multimedia, SFX and will bring together some of the foremost experts who will debate the industry’s hottest and most revolutionary topics – bringing lighting and video design truly into three dimensions.

The LDI session consists of a panel of international experts:

  • Andrew Gordon, Director of Business Development at BlackTrax
  • Emric Epstein, Co-Founder/Head of R+D at VYV
  • Werner Petricek CEO/Founder at zactrack

Topics include past projects, current realities, and future creative possibilities. Thompson enthused: “This is an exciting time for our industry. With 3-Dimensional tracking technology, words like “immersive and interactive” don’t even scratch the surface. This technology can reimagine existing production technologies and create new audience experiences. Experiences for audiences that carry Virtual, Enhanced and Augmented reality devices in their pockets have to get people to look up from their screens and into the future. We are on the verge of a paradigm shift in the industry and these luminaries are among those leading the way!” said Thompson.

“The session is suitable for all LDI attendees and shouldn’t be missed! This line-up of first-class experts and innovators, the leading experts in this field on this year’s Panel, will demonstrate what’s out there and how to remain competitive now and in the future,” added Thompson.

BlackTrax will exhibit at the CAST Group booth 2255 throughout LDI 2018. The exhibition takes place between 19-21 October 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, NV. Sign up now at: https://cast-soft.com/cast-at-ldi-2018.


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