Utamaru struts her stuff with BlackTrax

Talk, it is said, is cheap. Actions, they say, speak louder than words. A picture, many believe, is worth a thousand words. So instead of telling prospective customers about the magical effects you can create for them – why not show your capabilities in action?

That’s what Japanese equipment rental company Hibino Visual – who joined the growing international ranks of the BlackTrax community last year – did.

“The video produced by Hibino stars Utamaru, the very talented daughter of a member of the Hibino team, and is designed to promote BlackTrax real-time tracking technology as part of Hibino’s complete offering,” explained Toyokazu Fujisawa, Director at Hibino Visual.

The sequences were made possible by combining a disguise (formerly d3 Technologies) media server, real-time graphics from Notch and BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system.

BlackTrax beacons were attached to Utamaru’s shoes and costume as well as the props she uses, allowing precise tracking of her every move – and delivering perfect synchronization with the lighting effects.

The video has subsequently been shown to numerous potential customers by Hibino’s salespeople, with great success.

Project credits:

Director – Toyokazu Fujisawa (Hibino Visual)

Dancer – UTAMARU

disguise/ Notch Programmer, BlackTrax system setup – Naoki Ogawa (Hibino Visual)


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