MiceMedia Meets Standards with Vivien

Using Vivien, international congress, and event production company, MiceMedia delivered on technical requirements for an annual food safety conference attracting 1,000 specialists from over 50 countries aimed at advancing food safety standards globally.

Vivien is an intuitive, 3D event design & planning software for AV and event professionals and its latest version was just released in December 2016 saving time and money for event professionals.

“Together with my colleague Eric Antonisse we planned for all events and parties, setting up floorplans and spreadsheets for final setup. We also designed the printed backdrop of the stage and various other artwork,” said Rolf Gorter, Technical Producer at MiceMedia.

MiceMedia used Vivien virtual event designer to visualize the setup that would work best and without compromise. The first challenge was to fit a large number of participants within the tight confines of two combined rooms, each with different heights and two large columns right in the line of sight of some participants.

Taking center stage

A large center stage was used for panel discussions throughout the show including simultaneous translation in three languages and accompanying interpreter booths. Live camera setup and technical crew were integrated into the floorplan so as to calculate seating to be precise as possible.

“We were able to import the venue’s floor plan PDF that was provided by the clients, into Vivien, and as long as there is one dimension known in the PDF files then Vivien wizard can scale the entire PDF floorplan based upon that. Double checking the dimensions in Vivien with some exact measurements on-site assured us that what we were designing would definitely fit in reality.


Video © MiceMedia
Room with a view

MiceMedia used the Seating wizard to place as many seats in the available space as possible. “Then realizing we needed the space in the adjacent room as well we used Vivien’s tools to accurately place the seats there and preview it in Vivien’s 3D virtual view window. Virtual view helped us to visualize where to put the delay video screens so that seats that didn’t have a good view of the main screens could rely on those screens to follow the presentations.”

The graphical design of the backdrop was also produced by MiceMedia. “We integrated these files in Vivien to generate a real life representation of the stage setup. This way we could position the logo’s in the backdrop design just right. The photos taken from the presenters behind the lectern would all include the organizer’s logo resulting in great exposure when these pictures got shared on social media.”

The Conference provided the opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge, benefit from thought-provoking presentations from internationally reputed industry experts and hear innovative ideas.

After the successful execution of the event, MiceMedia with the help of Vivien continues working on medium to large-scale event design and production in Netherlands, France and USA, learn more about MiceMedia work at http://www.micemedia.nl.


Contact: Katinka Allender
K-Communications & Associates