DWP Live invests in BlackTrax
CAST Software June 3, 2015

Next Generation Projection Mapping


TORONTO, CANADA: Further strengthening CAST BlackTrax’s growing global network, DWP Live adds BlackTrax real-time motion tracking solution to its unrivaled range projection mapping technology offering to corporate clients, agencies and designers.

Ben Ryle, Chief Technologist at DWP Live chimes: “I love BlackTrax’s plug and play design as it fits seamlessly into our workflow. For example, we can place the BT Beacons on a projection surface or performer, calibrate BT Cameras, build 3D models using a media server and then take everything into a 3D environment – all within minutes which is a valuable asset for live events working to increasingly tight time scales.”

Ryle notes that BlackTrax can track a virtually unlimited amount of objects so large or small projection surfaces can be moved in and out and off stage. “Traditionally, introducing new pieces would be cumbersome and time consuming, especially with tracking of performers or dancers. BlackTrax brings in a lot of creative freedom as it adds this dynamic element without any stress. It saves time and removes choreography time as everything works.”

Hands-on support and training


The BlackTrax team provided hands-on in depth training to DWP Live on projection mapping and tracking of performers and objects.

“With the inspirational training from the knowledgeable and friendly team – BlackTrax is easy to learn and it’s about as straightforward it can be,” says Justin Crutchfield, Account Executive at DWP Live.

DWP Live will be introducing BlackTrax and expanding customer’s knowledge and benefits using a demo system based around exploring interactive options. “One thing we’re excited about, is what we’re going to do with it for our clients – watch this space,” adds Crutchfield.

“DWP’s team is so energetic and creative, I can’t wait to see their future projects with BlackTrax, they will play a pivotal role in the next generation of projection mapping,” concludes Cameron Verstegen, BlackTrax Specialist and Trainer at CAST BlackTrax.

About DWP Live


DWP Live are based in Nashville and Los Angeles and operate internationally. Their impressive project portfolio can be found at dwplive.com.

Images and video: © DWP Live

The team is catching on quick



Taking the lights for a walk BlackTrax style – Light Train Effect



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