wysiwyg R34 Available now for Members!
CAST Software December 19, 2014

Added flexibility and functionality brings ultimate ROI to designers!

Toronto, Canada – CAST Software introduces wysiwyg R34 lighting design software suite, the biggest release ever – for lighting designers, graphics and video professionals.

Making the experience brilliant

Bbrd3Laser light visualization in wysiwyg is available in both Perform and Design editions. In Live Mode, lasers can be controlled with the Pangolin Control System and Sollinger Animation. In design mode, a generic fixture can be used and generic laser patterns can be added.

New Shaded View Visual Effects enhance the visualisation using ambient occlusion, global illumination and source disc bloom

Smartest software ever

With Unicode support, wysiwyg now accepts any character in any language. In future, wysiwyg will be translated into many languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese and more.

In Data Mode, spreadsheet views are reworked to be more sophisticated and incorporate Unicode accepting any language character!

Let the formatting begin! wysiwyg gives even more flexibility for formatting in reports, spreadsheets, legends and symbols.

R34 Perform edition fully supports Streaming ACN (sACN) protocol. sACN is a standard protocol developed by ETSA to efficiently transport DMX universes over the network. For energy efficient installation, sACN is a popular protocol to control large numbers of RGB LEDs!

Touch it, feel it

Working with texture graphics specialists, Bill Scott of texturemate.com, wysiwyg 34 delivers an expanded set of high-quality textures.

wysiwyg R34 introduces over eighty brand new additions to its extensive library of fixtures and lights. In addition, with R34, there are improvements to CAD Mode, the user interface and navigation as well as layout options.

“In creating wysiwyg R34, we simply set out to create the most useful user experience – one that is indispensible in creating exceptional lighting effects, for all types of projects, large or small,” said Gil Densham, President and CEO at CAST Group.

wysiwyg rocks

Extensive research and beta testing, a host of features are incorporated into wysiwyg R34. Some early feedback from lighting designers include:

Overall wysiwygR34 is very exciting, especially in simulating the laser effect. wysiwyg R34 perfectly supports Chinese type, including CAD Text, the Layers, Scenes, Pres.Auto Hide and the new features are very good 

Fan Guoli

 We are loving the new version of wysiwyg – it seems much more streamlined! The lasers look fantastic – we are currently using them for renders but will be using a Pangolin system when we start the tour! 

Jamie Mirrad

 One of the best releases to date. We’re using it on a very high profile project for next year and it’s behaving admirably barring a few minor tweaks!

Alex Mead

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Full list of features at http://cast-soft.com/wysiwyg/features

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