Vivien 2015 at 2014 White Cashmere Collection
CAST Software December 11, 2014

Soft, pure and luxurious: Vivien 2015 hits all the high notes at 2014 White Cashmere Collection

TORONTO, CANADA – 6 November 2014 – The 11th Annual 2014 White Cashmere Collection™ is a high-end fashion show displaying creations from fifteen of the best of the up-and-coming designers. The event is also a fund-and-awareness-raiser for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Nominated by Canada’s finest designers, all past contributors to the uniquely Canadian White Cashmere Collection, the next generation cast created a one-of-a-kind ‘BT Couture’ for this year’s show. Their creations are all crafted from pure, soft and luxurious sheets of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue, Canada’s best-selling brand.

Themed ‘Future Forward’, this glamorous event attracted around 1,000 advertising, design and communications professionals. It was hosted on 30 September 2014 at Toronto’s most significant and unique historical special events venue, The Carlu, which has been completely restored to its original 1930s splendour and glory.

Future forward event planning

Working with Farley Chatto, Artistic Director, FireDog Creative design agency designed the event, which included the launch of a limited edition Pink Embossed Cashmere product. Alain Bisson, Production Manager and Technical Creative Manager at FireDog Creative called on Vivien 2015 Virtual Event Designer to raise the definitive wow factor in what was billed as “the biggest fashionable charity event of the year!”

Leaving nothing to chance, FireDog Creative created a 3D model of the show. “Vivien 2015 was utilized to produce a realistic scale mock-up of the event within The Carlu venue,” explained Alain Bisson. “This was presented to the client. It included all production elements such as sound, video, lights, set design, seating and staging required to create their vision. It provided them with a complete and comprehensive functional production environment.”

FireDog Creative used an elevated runway that was painted matte white. Seating risers were used to elevate audience seating and media. Audio elements for the runway event were comprised of line array and satellite speakers to cover all parts of seating for perfect spoken word, recorded track, live performances and video playback. Lighting on the main runway included conventional lighting fixtures for maximum illumination, and perimeter up lighting including wash fixture and lighting for white velour drape.

“Turning frequently to the highly-accurate 3D model, ultimately Vivien 2015 saved a lot of time by confirming instantly what fit and what didn’t, without having to revisit the venue. Additionally, Vivien demonstrated that the sight lines from the raised seating the runway worked. And finally, it allowed the creative producer to see the difference between a white runway and a black runway.”

“The majority of features utilized in Vivien 2015 were the Standard Riser, Cylinder and Seating Tools. Material and Texture handling was used in the later revisions. Lastly, a comprehensive lighting and video tools subset was used to demonstrate the realistic look of the event.”

The video element on the runway was supplied by Westbury National and comprised single 13’ x 22’ wide format front projection screen. A projector output of 14,000 ANSI lumens allowed for the design to cut through the lighting available by a seamless HD image. Ancillary video equipment included HD source switcher, presentation laptops and two operators. Additionally an 80” display was supplied for backstage to show the models and staff a real-time video feed. Social media elements were used throughout the event via Twitter, which were displayed on screen to the audience.

Rehearsals and installation took two days. The realization of the event design was a glamorous and stylish backdrop to the brand, charitable organization, designers and representatives.

“It’s tremendously rewarding to see a complex event of this scale come together after seeing it so realistically during the event planning process,” added Bisson. “The resulting presentation was a real highlight for hosts and designers, to be talked about for many years to come!”

FireDog Creative has 24 years of combined experience in the live events sector and has used Vivien event planning and production software since 2008.

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Images: © FireDog Creative

Contact: Katinka Allender

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