BlackTrax at Ninth Annual Projection Master Classes at LDI 2014
CAST Software October 21, 2014

TORONTO, CANADA: Renowned motion tracking solution BlackTrax will participate in the highly anticipated Projection Master Classes at LDI 2014 in Vegas, NV from 19 – 20 November 2014.

For those participants wishing to get some hands-on and expert insight, Gil Densham, President of CAST BlackTrax, will partake in panel sessions focusing on the technical achievements of Marvel Universe LIVE!. Densham will present a detailed look at realtime motion tracking at 4pm on Wednesday, 19 November 2014.

 Not to be missed, the Projection Master Classes is the ultimate event for top visual designers and leading projection professionals, as well as senior production executives. Eight intense sessions will provide a forum for discussing creative, technical and leading practical challenges involved in creating, programming and mapping cutting-edge images!

Bob Bonniol of Mode Studios serves as creative consultant for the Projection Master Classes. “This year’s event drills down on the essentials of the coolest design options and state-of-the-art technology in a fast-changing multimedia world — BlackTrax is the essential magical tool that you need for realtime tracking of actors and props so lighting, video projection and audio can be delivered on target and on time. BlackTrax unbridles creative possibilities for media professionals!”

Gil Densham added, “BlackTrax on Marvel Universe LIVE! is the largest-to-date deployment of realtime motion tracking fully integrated with multimedia and automated lighting. Motion tracking is fast becoming an essential instrument in the projection and video content designers’ toolkit. Attendees to the Projection Master Classes will be the first to benefit from in-depth knowledge and understanding of how BlackTrax can seriously advance video content and delivery by unleashing creativity and improving projection accuracy.”

Marvel Universe LIVE! in the press

To date, The Marvel Universe LIVE! project has received favorable press coverage. An excerpt from an article that first appeared in The Christian Science Monitor ( appears below.

“Ironman never misses. Ever,”  says J. Vaught, Feld Entertainment’™s vice president of ice and stage operations and creative development, who has ensured this by tricking-out all the actors and set pieces with infrared tracking beacons. [The BlackTrax] infrared beacons are picked up and tracked by [the BlackTrax] infrared cameras mounted all around the set. All this feeds into computers that create a 3-D projection map of the stage show. This way, Mr. Vaught and his crew know where every prop, every piece of scenery, and everyone is throughout the entire show.

 Once the team has total awareness on stage, it can start projecting images in precise locations. That means that when Ironman shoots a bad guy, the 3-D projection of his repulsor ray beam finds its target every time, even if an actor or set misses its mark.

 “There is really a lot to geek-out about when it comes to this show,” says Vaught. “Candidly, the way that everything transferred from the servers to the real world blew my mind the first time we flipped the switch and saw it come together on a live stage.”

Credit: Suhay, L (2014), Marvel live show reveals the future of stage tech, [Online], The Christian Science Monitor, Available:


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