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CAST Software June 2, 2014

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TORONTO, CANADA – 3 May 2014 – Like so many sports teams, the Arizona Cardinals do much more than simply play their game. The Team’s business depends on earning revenue from outside sources, and usage of the event spaces at the University of Phoenix Stadium has been boosted by use of CAST Software’s Vivien Event Designer, which has helped sales and planning processes alike resulting in an impressive 150 events per year on average.

As a contractor for the Arizona Cardinals, Nick Heller, has had a front-row seat as Vivien has transformed the stadium’s business.

Arizona Cardinals © Nick Heller

“In 2011, I was asked to utilize the existing CAD diagrams of University of Phoenix Stadium to create 3D environments of the event spaces in and around the venue in Vivien,” recalled Heller.

“Once the environments were built, event production and sales staff were able to drop in projection screens, loudspeakers, lighting and so on, to show clients what the space would look like for their event – whether they were calling in from the East Coast, or sitting right next to us.”

Additionally, Heller has used Vivien on various projects for Encore Creative including a Great Gatsby Event, After Hours Parties and a black tie event at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.

Based on familiar Windows functionality, Vivien needs little or no specialist knowledge to create stunning, accurate and photo-realistic 3D images of future events. It is a graphics rich software application that comes complete with over 3,000 proprietary industry-specific objects and textures, and the ability to import external files in a variety of graphics formats.

Vivien is compressive; you can plan, layout, change, and try out options.  All the while, Vivien keeps track of myriad details – event resources, guest management, head count, meal types – recognizing the “business” side is where the money is.  Vivien also means it is possible to tailer each event to the specifications in each RFQ.  What’s more, Vivien’s rich graphics produce stunning renderings that are used during the design phase as well as to create proposal/sales presentations that demonstrate immensely and distinct creative design.  So, Vivien is a design and selling tool for the full spectrum of event professionals.

Arizona Cardinals © Nick Heller

“The majority of clients and industry professionals I communicate with on a daily basis agree that events are better produced with a comprehensive plan including 2D and 3D drawings, thorough and concise rental product forms and the ability to quickly change the seating, production and décor plan within the drawings.  Vivien provides the flexibility to create amazing photorealistic images whilst maintaining the physical science that dictates what fits and what does not.” Says Alain Bisson, Vivien Product Specialist / Trainer.  “Additionally, clients are more ‘visually stimulated’ than they were 4 – 5 years ago.  That fact alone justifies the need for a product like Vivien, as it producers rich, vibrant room renders and includes a fully integrated guest management system along side reports and plots.”

Nick Heller confirms: “Vivien has expanded our deliverable offerings to the client immensely. Being able to take an empty ballroom and glean both a 2D plan view and 3D renderings simultaneously has become an invaluable piece of the sales and operations processes.”

“It also creates a more efficient design and planning process, because the creative team can gather around a series of to-scale images of the design concept, and determine if changes are needed prior to the event load-in. We’ve had a few instances of making big corrections prior to custom builds or installs that Vivien helped us catch.”

Arizona Cardinals © Nick Heller

Venetian Hotel for Encore Creative © Nick Heller


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Since 1994, Toronto Canada-based CAST Software’s development strategy has been to build robust, reliable comprehensive software tools for entertainment industry professionals to become more creative and efficient.  wysiwyg is the powerful, adaptable previsualization software that has become indubitably the industry standard.  In 2005, CAST launched Vivien – Virtual Event Designer, the “new and better way” for event planners, designers, caterers, venues, and others in the meetings and special events industry to design and plan. Since its release; Vivien has become one of the most powerful tools in the industry used by hotels, planners, conferences, caterers and more around the world. In 2013, CAST launched BlackTrax, a revolutionary motion tracking system for people and objects and delivering streaming dynamic positional data in 3 and 6 degrees of freedom to 3rd party downstream technologies:  automated lighting, 3D & spatial audio, multimedia, robotic cameras

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