Membership vs. Reauthorization
CAST September 2, 2013
The release of R24 in June 2009 marked a fundamental improvement to CAST’s dongle security and, because of it, a substantial advancement in the way we help you limit your financial risk for the loss of your dongle. Called “Re-authorization”, simply put, twice each year CAST validates your dongle and, if all is OK, gives it a code that keeps your software running for the next 6 months, more or less.

Why do we do this?

By design and recognizing the needs of our highly mobile wysiwyg Users, your dongle must be a highly portable “key”. The combination of mobile and portable also means that it can get lost or stolen – we know this because it happens all the time. In the old days, if your dongle was lost or stolen, you had to purchase a new full copy of the software + dongle = $$$$. Under the circumstances, this stipulation was like throwing gasoline on a fire, and more than a few of you complained.
We didn’t like the heat either so we developed the Re-authorization protocol to reconfirm on a routine basis that your dongle is in your possession.

How does it work?

Just like a credit card, the Re-authorization protocol confirms your security information (like a special word or pin number) so we know you are you and that you are in possession of your card / or dongle. The process is similar for Re-authorization. When the system clock triggers the Re-authorization time, announcements will pop-up onscreen. Follow the instructions. Dongle information is sent to CAST from your computer via the Internet and if all is OK then we send out a code to your dongle. If the confirmation fails or your dongle was stolen or lost, then we don’t send out the code and your dongle shuts down to protect your investment in the software and your work. So, what has Re-authorization to do with the annual Membership Renewal? From a  technology perspective, absolutely nothing because the two are separate processes, BUT, if you don’t do the Re-authorizations when required you can’t renew your Membership. (Think of it – why would we extend the life of a stolen dongle?) Does it cost me anything for Re-authorization and the assurance it provides?

No, it is one of the benefits of Membership. For more information about Membership benefits and renewal policy, please see:


Should these timings concur?

Because Re-authorization was introduced only recently, if you owned an earlier wysiwyg Release then you will experience a transition period, lasting about 18 months, until the date of the annual Re-authorization becomes aligned with the date for the Annual Membership Renewal. New customers will find the annual Re-authorization and annual Membership renewal will be closely aligned from the get go. The mid-year Re-authorization happens about half-way through the year.

Shut down — are you serious?

We are. Membership has its benefits and since they are valuable, they are worth protecting. So is your dongle. So is your work. So, if Re-authorization either wasn’t done or the confirmation fails, or if your dongle was reported stolen or lost, the Re-authorization program ensures that dongle automatically shuts down to protect your investment in the software and your work.

So here’s the skinny:

You fail or don’t comply (on a timely basis) with the Re-authorization protocol-software shuts down, period, until Re-authorization is performed. Annual Membership renewal upon expiry of the current period software will continue to operate but you cannot download and use new versions of the software, and you are not entitled to any Member Benefits (such as unlimited technical support). (For more information, please go to

Membership and the Membership Expiry Date

Membership has been around since the first Release of wysiwyg. Simply put, if the Membership Expiry Date on your dongle has not yet passed, you can use the current version of wysiwyg and have access to technical support. To find your Membership Expiry Date:
1. Run wysiwyg. (There is no need to open a file.)
2. Click the Help menu.
3. Select About wysiwyg.
Result: The About wysiwyg window appears, at the top of which the Membership Expiry Date is displayed.
Note: Membership expires on the last day of the month displayed in this window. For more information about Membership benefits and policies, please see