Vivien Event Design Contest – The Skinny
CAST May 22, 2013

Enter. Get Exposed! Get Free Stuff!!

Leverage our social media to increase your profile as a super creative designer.  Strut your stuff in front of 100,000+!  Design an event for the Vivien Event Design Contest.

Must be a Member in good standing to enter

 First_Second_ThirdThe Stakes:

Get in the Spotlight – Finalists will be in the press: Vivien’s Unsung Hero Series, Social Media Shout-outs, website and blog posts, as well as a permanent place of honour in the online gallery!

The Prizes you can win! (One prize per person)

1st Place – 2-Years Vivien Membership
2nd Place – 1-Year Vivien Membership
3rd Place – 6-Months Vivien Membership


The Event:  Promotional product launch Party (Product of your Choice)

Event Theme:  Your Choice

Event Venue:  Max of 80’ x 40’ for the “play area”

Entry Deadline:  30 June, 2013 at the stroke of midnight (EST)

Info Updates:  Any updates and announcements will be delivered through our Facebook page

Need inspiration? Head over to the gallery of events on our website!

Entries must include:

  • Your name
  • 2D + 3D images (screenshots and key renders)
  • Video Flythrough – uploaded to YouTube
  • 50-100 words describing your event to the audience

The Rules

  • Your Membership must be in good standing.  You’re not?  Not a problem, we have a special contest catch-up deal for you!
  • You must “Like” the Vivien Event Designer Facebook Page (show us some love!)
  • Your submission must be posted on the CAST Facebook or your own personal YouTube Channel
  • Winners will required to provide their Dongle Code for verification and be properly registered