wysiwyg R30 Video Contest!
CAST February 13, 2013

It’s Back!! The wysiwyg Challenge
Get Creative – Get Exposed!

The wysiwyg Video Challenge is back with the latest R30 release! Our panel of judges is anxiously awaiting your entries! This year, to spice it up a little, we have added the use of consoles to the mix! Yes, for the first time ever in wysiwyg contest history you can create your videos with the assistance of a console!

To remind you here is a video of last year’s amazing finalists.

The Stakes

1st Place – 1 Year Membership to Perform + Special Edition wysiwyg gear
2nd Place – 6 Month Membership to wysiwyg + Special Edition wysiwyg gear
3rd Place – Special Edition wysiwyg gear

Peoples Choice:
1st Place – 1 Year Membership to Perform + Special Edition wysiwyg gear
We love our Academic Users! And we will be awarding a special prize to the top student entry!


1.Every entry starts with the same wysiwyg file, which has been built using R30 Update, so everyone starts at the same starting line. If you haven’t done so already, please download and install the Release 30 Update, or the file will not open.
2. You’ll need a YouTube account to enter. You’ll also need a Facebook account to post.
3. Using wysiwyg R30, create your own lighting design for the “Space” in the wyg drawing provided on The CAST Software Blog.
4. Using the Cue List and Camera Path features, create a two-minute (max) video of your own lighting design. Save the wyg file and post the video on your YouTube account.
5. CONSOLES ARE ALLOWED!!! Yes that is right folks, you heard me. Feel free to plug in your favourite console and go nuts!
6. Go to the CAST Software Facebook Page and LIKE US! :), we like you why don’t you like us?
7. Post a link to your video on the CAST Software Facebook Page and label it:

[wysiwyg R30 Video Challenge – (Your Name Here)]
Acedemic Licesnses:
[wysiwyg R30 Video Challenge – (Your Name Here) – Student]

8. Once you’ve posted your video, you’re entered into the contest! Hooray!



Download wysiwyg Contest File HERE!

Your entry will be judged based on the following criteria (out of 100%)

• Lighting design creativity of your lighting rig (25%);
• Lighting design creativity of your lighting programming (25%);
• Creativity of overall Lighting Design (25%);
• People’s Choice (Popular Vote rank – collected though Facebook) (25%).
Description of your uploaded YouTube video must contain the following information.
• List of software programs used (other than wyg)
• Credits to the Song Used
• Lighting Designer Name
• Name of Console used (if one used)

wysiwyg Challenge Official Rules

• One entry per person. Awards will be delivered to the same person.
• To enter the contest, you must be a registered Member and in good standing.
• You will be provided with an arena and a stage. You must choose one. But other than that you are free to do what you want.
• You may only use wysiwyg R30 to produce your video.
• You may use a video finishing program.
• Your entry will be voted upon by two groups: CAST’s Pick (a small panel of lighting experts chosen by CAST) and the People’s Choice (where your peers and friends can cast their vote on Facebook!).
• Finalists will be contacted prior to the announcement at ProLight 2013.
• To win, YOU MUST deliver a digital copy (saved in wyg) of your qualifying wysiwyg R30 file for review and verification by CAST.
• Winners will be announced once CAST completes this step.

The Legal Stuff:

By submitting your entry, you are confirming to CAST Software Ltd. that you are the owner of, or at least have all necessary rights to use and publish, any material you submit in all forms (video and audio, including credits), that you have the right to convey or transfer the content you are providing to CAST, and you agree to the royalty-free use of your video for publishing and advertising purposes by CAST. You also give CAST the right to use your submitted content for the purposes of the wysiwygR30challenge, as well as for training and other purposes, related and unrelated to the contest, and that CAST may post the link or otherwise make it available to others via its website or by other communications.