Vivien 2013 BETA is OUT!
CAST November 12, 2012


As of today, November 8, 2012, Vivien 2013 BETA is out for download to the CAST BETA Team!

This BETA download is only available to current members in good standing — and is invite-only.  Are you a Vivien User who wants to check out the Vivien 2013 BETA?  Email Jim Hutchison, Product Manager for WYSIWYG and Vivien Event Designer now!  Jim’s email is — and he’s waiting for your email!

Some new features in Vivien 2013:

Virtual View Selection:
You can now grab lighting fixtures right inside of Vivien’s Virtual View!  Write lighting looks for your customers quickly and with ease!

Drawing Purge:
Using Vivien 2013’s powerful Purge tool, you can clear your drawing of old imports, renders, library custom items and more!

FASTrender for Vivien 2013:
We’ve implemented a new type of realtime rendering called FASTrender — it’s geared towards making your event drawings run faster and more efficiently!

Layer Merge:
Now in Vivien 2013 you can merge Layers together to better manage your drawing!

Layout Groups:
Create your layout items once, and storte them for later use!  Save your title blocks, drawing notes, banquet instructions, and much more for quick Layout creation!

We’ve also made some serious improvements to Cameras, Camera Paths, Camera Targets, the Event Info Wizard,  Camera Path Editor, and much, much more.  We’re excited for Vivien 2013 to hit the BETA team’s hands — and we’ll be releasing shortly!  Stay tuned!