wysiwyg previsualize lighting at the XXXperience festival

Rodrigo Rocca of Rocca Eventos deployed the incredible technical virtuosity of wysiwyg to create and previsualize lighting for the dramatic XXXperience festival – in the inspirationally titled Vale dos Dragoes “Valley of the Dragons” Festival in Curitiba, Brazil.

The Dragon Valley was the first of the XXXtrilogy, a set of three special event editions, the first edition held in 2014, titled “Valley of the Dragons”, the second one in November 14th 2015 will be, “The Portal of Desires” and the third party will be held next year when the XXXperience festival will celebrate its 20th year. Watch this space for more info!

Lighting Designer: Rodrigo Rocca
Lighting Programmer: Henrique Zanlorenzi
Scenic director: Du Sagaz



  1. Is it time for wysiwyg to have a option to view the stage from a paying punters view. At a recent Hyde Park Who gig in London the designer had programmed a blue fan outwards from the front truss. On the simulation from the FOH position it probably looked fine. At an venue out doors with no haze the result at 300 meters from the stage was to present punters with the spot beam full on in the eyes for three numbers.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, we have shared your comment with wysiwyg’s product manager.
    This can be achieved in wysiwyg by creating or positioning a camera in any seat or place of the venue and check it from that POV, but we will discuss other possibilities.
    CAST Team

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