The wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge!
CAST February 6, 2012

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS – the wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge is HERE!  We’re challenging you to make an awesome video using wysiwyg R28‘s Camera Path and Cue List tools!  This is your chance to shine – so get your best lighting design built in R28 and be creative!

In order to enter the contest, you need to have the venue .wyg file.
DOWNLOAD THE wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge .WYG file HERE – [right click, save as]

Create your awesome lighting design with wysiwyg R28, then make a video using R28’s Cue List and Camera Path features. Be as creative as you want, just make your video two minutes and use R28’s features only! You get to be the LD, the producer, AND the director this time (and every time) with wysiwyg R28!

wysiwyg R28 is made for you – here’s your chance to shine! Show us your light!



    1. Using wysiwyg R28, create a lighting design using the arena drawing provided on The CAST Software Blog. The file has been made using R28.
    2. Using the Cue List and Camera Path features, create a two-minute video of your lighting design, and post the video on your YouTube account. You’ll need a YouTube account to enter. You’ll also need a Facebook account. No lighting consoles – be creative with the Cue List and Camera Path features!
    3. Go to the CAST Software Facebook Page and LIKE US! 🙂
    4. Post a link to your video on the CAST Software Facebook Page and label it: wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge – Your Name Here — Once you’ve posted your video, you’re entered into the contest!
    5. The deadline for video entry is March 14, 2012. We’re ready to be rocked!

wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge Official Rules

  • You can enter this contest ONE time only.
  • To enter the contest, you must have a valid copy of wysiwyg R28.
  • We will supply all entrants with the same venue file which you must use. It contains the arena space, in which you are to design, and a band setup on a riser.  You may arrange the band setup however you wish inside the arena, but you must use only the arena and band setup we have provided.  We believe this approach levels the playing field and  facilitates an easier comparison of all entrants’ creativity as demonstrated by your lighting and/or video rig.  Anyways, you have to admit, is representative of the realworld because you always design for the space provided!  Those are your only two creative limitations
  • You may only use wysiwyg R28 to produce their video, using the Cue List and Camera Path features to create your list of Looks for a two (2) minute video for the contest entry.
  • All cue sequences may only be created with the wysiwyg R28 Cue List feature. You may not connect to a console for this contest.
  • You may use a video finishing program to add your name, title and other credit information to your entry. You can also add a soundtrack. Remember, this is your opportunity to show off your work — so be creative, and do it in no more than two minutes!
  • To enter the wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge contest:
    • Like CAST Software on Facebook at
    • Post your video entry to your YouTube or Vimeo accounts with the following name format: 
      • wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge – Your Name Here
    • This is an important step! Use the tags wysiwygR28challenge, CASTSoftware, CueList, and CameraPath in your entry post as well.
    • On the CAST Facebook page (, post your name and a link to the YouTube or Vimeo link of your entry video.
  • Your entry will be voted upon by two groups: CAST’s Pick (a small panel chosen by CAST) and the People’s Choice (where your peers and friends can TWITTER their vote for you to CAST).
  • Prior to announcing the Winners at ProLight 2012, you will be notified by email and required to deliver a digital copy of your winning wysiwyg R28 file for review and verification by CAST.  The Winners will be announced only after CAST completes this verification / authentication step.

Please Note:

By submitting your entry, you are confirming to CAST Software Ltd. that you are the owner of any material you submit in all forms (video and audio, including credits) and that you have the right to use the content you are providing to CAST. You also give CAST the right to use your submitted content for the purposes of the wysiwygR28challenge, as well as for training and other purposes, related and unrelated to the contest, and that CAST may post the link or otherwise make it available to others via its website or by other communications.